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Art Prints for Charity owned by international artist
Laara WilliamSen

She’s donating 50% of the prints sale to help these charities:



Brenda Gardiner
Coordinator Better at Home-Quesnel

The Quesnel office has been open for 3+ years and has a client base of 315 clients with 50+ Volunteers helping out with service items such as: Friendly visits, snow removal, housecleaning services, yard and lawn care and transportation to appointments. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ s .


After several reports of animal cruelty to the B.C. SPCA, Chase, the horse, was seized from a rural property and SALI promptly adopted him. Two groups of children visited the SALI farm twice a week and gave Chase a high calorie and nutrient supplement, as well as lots of love! He gained 100 pounds within a few months and Chase was totally won over by the kindness of all. He has a permanent loving home now at SALI for the rest of his life! And the children are very proud of their contribution to his recovery!

an annual $25,000.00 shortfall

Any funds raised would be used for housecleaning services or transportation to out of town appointments and as we have charity status-we can issue taxable donation receipts.

SALI, the Semiahmoo Animal League Inc.,

Is a registered Canadian Charity founded by Keryn Denroche. SALI rescues abandoned animals and helps children at risk. Their farm programs help children learn to care for the animals and the animals have a deep healing effect on the children. The mission of SALI is to honor, respect and protect the human/animal bond. Laara WilliamSen’s wish is that together, we can raise enough funds to secure a future, permanent farm location for SALI.

Peace Art Hospital and Community Health Foundation

Peace Art Hospital and Community Health Foundation

is a true community hospital. It opened it’s doors in 1954 on land purchased by the community with 50 beds, 5 Doctors and 10 nurses. Today, our vision is to achieve the healthiest community possible. Stroke recovery, children’s clubs, medical equipment are some of the benefits your donation helps us with. Your simple act of giving is truly transformational!

Past Charities

Just listed above are four of the charities that Laara has helped over the years.
She has organized over 300 charities events and donated her artworks to countless other charities around the world,

You can view her beautiful prints for sale here

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Thank you in advance for your kindness