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Art Prints for Charity is a unique method to help the world! Each art print for charity that you purchase sends 50% of proceeds to our current charitie(s) and you receive an email to download your high quality art print.
Please note that no parcels will be shipped. This is all done online. There are three choices of donation at Art Prints for Charity so please let your heart be your guide! You can help make a difference in the world today.
Love to All, LaaraWilliamSen

Expressions of Nature

These images are done from the 1980’s and onward. I love to capture little slices of time to create abstractions of nature!

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and Stars

I have been painting Angels all of my life! The “Angels Emerging” painting that you see here was inspired by my son JP! The Universe series of paintings were done during 2008 and I worked for one year in great detail and fascination to capture these images in oils.

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Land and

Some of these paintings date back to as early as 1972. I have always loved to paint the ocean and the forests. You can see my style change as I grow through the years. I hope you enjoy these paintings!

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The paintings, drawings and abstracts of people are selections of my artworks from 1975 to recently! There are many styles to choose from. Hope you find one you like!

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Still Life and Animals

I often set up objects for my students in the 1980’s to paintand many of my still life artworks were done as examples for my classes. The Carousel was painted in 1982 in my kitchen! The Bringers of the Dawn horses were completed in 1999. The beach dog was a study quickly done of a black lab on Davis Bay beach, summer of 1983.

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Thank you in advance for your kindness